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Server Stats
  • LoginServer : Online
  • GameServer : Online

    • Cap 110
    • CH EU
    • EXP/SP 20x
    • EXP/SP (Party) 30x
    • Gold Drop 1x
    • Tradegoods Enabled
    • Magic-Pop Disabled
    • Max-Plus 24
    • Capture Flag Event Enabled
    • Battle-Arena Enabled
    • PC (HWID) Limit No Limit
    • Union Limit 2
    • Guild Limit 25

  • Euoren | Chinese .
  • Mastery | 300.
  • Main Town | Donwhang.
  • Guild Start Level | 5.

  • Server Time
      • Time:
      • Fortress:
      • FW Registration: Everyday
      • CTF:

    Fortress War
      Jangan Fortress:

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